Western ROLEX Rolex 114060 VS Seiko Seiko Seiko SBGA025 watch

Recently entered the two Need, can only continue to move hard to move back to earn some money to make up for bricks See the title to replica watches uk know that the sun are the two heavyweights. In fact, the time to play their own table is not very long, but poisoning can be very deep, you can look back before I made the article, I know how to upgrade the road exaggerated Play table personally feel is a kind of enjoyment, of course, to moderate play, but everyone's hobby is not the same, I am not a rich man, can only say that some of the money is not a pressure of young people. So many tables may be in Guangzhou, but also a toilet-sized house money, so there are hobbies or taking advantage of the young, it is estimated that a few years there will be no money to toss this time. Start the topic, first to open the box diagram Watch the watch box is a rolex replica to do a lot of high on the Seiko, very carefully also get a snow-like surface of the relief paper, no watch was this white snow surface rendering. Black and white debut, you can see the black good at sports, 300 meters waterproof design, ceramic ring, a powerful luminous function, domineering rough crazy design, suitable for everyday recreational sports wear White gentle, delicate disk with elegant hands, SPRING DRIVE day error of 1 second guarantee is undoubtedly more suitable for formal wear applicable to work Black undoubtedly domineering leakage, where can attract to numerous eyeballs, and white is more subtle, left to understand him alone appreciate Black and white to go with the two extremes, regardless of competition, just to get everyone's praise Black origin watches family, descendants of the descendants of undoubted descent pure, the quality of the body Needless to say, the figure is just drop, men and women love Although white is the East Hou Yi, still can not shoulder the black, but its intentions are obvious to all, but also create their own way White will play a small pointer to replica watches the extreme, every second is the ultimate show of light. The pursuit of the perfect combination of light and dark, not more than a point also a lot of points The charming king of the crown so many heroes and heroes to surrender at his feet, the only thing he is only dedicated to go on the two hundred years of non-stop In the night, black like to shine their own light, that I was the boss, I was your lights White is more like to borrow that slight luminous show their graceful, looming figure. A black and a white, a relaxation, civil and military of the Road also. And their pursuit of life is confession, but also to express the love of the thick feelings Get started with (hand hair a lot I know, I know, I know) As the Western Rolex and Oriental Rolex duel, or to simply comment on the next (throwing the price with the brand factor): 1, a resistance to exercise, a look, personal choice of black, because it can accompany my life, never lonely 2, workmanship, each with emphasis on Rolex's solid, Seiko's exquisite, are obvious to all, the data is not in this detailed list, and Baidu can answer your doubts questions. The important thing is that your heart grows rough 3, the movement is my personal value, labor 3130, is undoubtedly the classic movement, precision and stability when walking, shake the watch is a complete enjoyment, without a trace of the abnormal sound of shaking, 31 drilling, 50 hours power, 28800 times / Hour vibration frequency, the Swiss official Observatory certification, five-position heating difference correction. Interested in understanding, you can search, a lot of internal movement and introduction, Rolex will be deeply attracted Spring Drive Seiko unique technology to explain it is relatively complex, simple is mechanical + quartz. The drive energy is provided by the winding, but the energy to quartz to drive away, to ensure accurate travel time, the error can be done on plus or minus 1 second, but also very cattle than the technology, while maintenance extended to more than 5 years